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About Us

Hello, it's good to meet you. We're AR Devices, a team of avid skiers and engineers. For years, snow sports hobbyists have been flying blind. Over the course of many ski seasons, we decided that it was time to add another layer of fun to our days on the mountain. After countless hours of research, piles of design sketches, and boxes of prototypes, we created GogglePal, your best pal on the mountain.

Technology is already an important part of adventure sports, whether you're texting your friends on the go or tracking the number of runs you take. With GogglePal's augmented reality heads up display, it's easier than ever to stay connected, track performance and play games. This augmented reality technology has never been so versatile and affordable. We hope you love it, too!

"Turn any pair of goggles into an AR-HUD, making your mountain experience more connected and more fun!"

Our Team

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  • Peng Shao

    Founder / Hardware Engineer

  • Evelyn Yang

    Co-founder / Marketing & Communications

  • Xuege Jiang

    Co-founder / UI/UX Designer

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