GogglePal – Frequently Asked Questions About GogglePal

Frequently Asked Questions About GogglePal


Have a question? We have answers. If you don’t see the answer to your question on this list, send us an email at info@gogglepal.com or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Q. What is the difference between GogglePal and the competition?

A: While heads up displays aren’t new to skiing and snowboarding, in the past you had to buy expensive goggles that are either compatible with your HUD or include the HUD built-in. With GogglePal, there’s no need to buy new goggles. You can keep the ones you already own!

GogglePal is packed with augmented reality features, unlike the competition, and the display is transparent, so it never limits your field of vision, unlike the competition.

Q. Will GogglePal work if there’s no cell service?

A: GogglePal’s stat tracking features work even when you don’t have your cell phone or if you’re out of wifi/cell reception. Even without service, GogglePal will display your speed, vertical drop, and rotation.

Navigation and augmented reality gaming will also be available even if you lose signal, but to start either of these features, you’ll need your cell phone in hand. For navigation, you’ll select the friend you want directions to through the GogglePal app. For augmented reality gaming, you’ll need your phone to accept the quest or mission, but after that you won’t need it. Once you’ve done this, you can put your phone away.

Q. Will the outside magnet come off if I fall?

A: Normal jostling and impact won’t dislodge the magnet. The magnets we’re using have a pull force of 9.24lbs, meaning that it takes that much force to move the magnet.
The strength of the magnet will also prevent the internal AR-HUD from moving within the goggle itself. If you get snow in your goggles from a particularly awesome yard sale, we recommend you take a moment to readjust the AR-HUD’s display.

After big falls, always take a moment to check and readjust your GogglePal if necessary–just in case!

We’re currently testing magnets to find the sweet spot, and the final candidates will be put through a series of crash tests worthy of Myth Busters.

Q. The most recent demo video shows white text in the display. Will the white color be invisible on bright, snowy days?

A: The white display in the demo video was just for development and testing on our end. We are currently testing different colors to find the best contrast for the final product, a color that will work equally well in bright light and flat light.

Q. Why do I need to have speed/calories burned displayed on HUD?

A: Sure, if you’re interested in tracking your speed or calories burned you could use a mobile app. However, you’d have to pull your phone out after every run to see how you did, which is a pain on cold days when you really want to keep your hands in your mittens and even more of a pain if you accidentally drop your phone while you’re sitting on the chairlift. To track stats like speed and calories burned, apps use your phone’s built-in GPS, which drains the battery very quickly. GogglePal has its own built-in GPS, so your battery is safe, and the HUD’s display eliminates the need to constantly check your phone. No more cold fingers, dead phones, or phones dropped from chairlifts.

Q. Why do I need the navigation feature?

A: Meeting up with or keeping track of friends is always a problem on the hill, whether it’s because of crowded slopes or taking a wrong turn down an unfamiliar glade. With the navigation feature, you can find your friends easily and quickly without a paper map, even if they’re not answering your phone or if they’re unable to give clear directions to their location. Skiing and riding with a buddy is the best way to stay safe, but it’s not always easy to keep track of everyone in your party. GogglePal’s navigation feature will make it easy.

Q. What if I find the HUD distracting when I’m riding fast?

A: To help minimize the distraction, you can set a speed limit ahead of time. If the your speed goes over the limit at any point on the hill, the display will automatically pause, so you can focus your full attention on the trail in front of you.