GogglePal – Introducing GogglePal: The Next Evolution in Snowsports

Introducing GogglePal: The Next Evolution in Snowsports


GogglePal is the world’s first universally mountable, augmented reality heads up display (AR-HUD) system designed exclusively for snowsports enthusiasts. The small, lightweight goggle mount allows skiers and snowboarders to track on-slope stats like vertical feet traveled and total airtime and instantly share their progress with friends.

The two-part device comes with a magnetically mounted heads up display screen that sits in the lower corner of the user’s goggle lens, keeping essential stats just a glance away. The small controller pod attaches to the goggle strap with a clip. The system collects data and shares it with the paired GogglePal smartphone app. This augmented reality technology allows the GogglePal AR-HUD to display the user’s speed, vertical drop, calories burned and acceleration in real time. Connecting with the user’s phone also helps you locate friends and play mountain-wide games.

At the end of the day, the GogglePal app organizes the user’s information for easy viewing and sharing so users can compare, see their improvement over the course of a season, and challenge their friends.