GogglePal – Little Device, Huge Technology

Little Device, Huge Technology


You might have heard about a new gadget called GogglePal, which makes any pair of goggles into an augmented reality heads-up display (AR-HUD) showing speed, vertical and a variety of other mountain data. This device essentially turns your lenses into the dashboard of the Millennium Falcon, for skiing. Luckily, you don’t have to carry R2D2 around on your back to keep it working; GogglePal is a svelte little device that packs a huge technological punch.

The first part of GogglePal is the actual heads up display, consisting of a tiny interior projector held in place with a low-profile magnetic button. Unlike most HUD displays, GogglePal is both lightweight and compact, hardly bigger than your thumb drive. It sits comfortably inside your goggles, held in place by the small, super-strong magnet. It’s designed to give you a full field of vision, but keep your data available at a glance, whenever you need it. The magnet is strong enough to hold your GogglePal on if you crash, but won’t damage your goggle lens, making it easily swap lenses for changing light conditions. Low-light, flat-light, and bright light. GogglePal is compatible with them all.

The second part of GogglePal is the controller and power pack, which attaches to your goggle strap with a sturdy clip. On it you’ll also find the controls (easy to use even with bulky mittens). It’s smaller than a deck of cards and weighs just 58 grams, considerably lighter than other bulky HUD systems.

When installed, the GogglePal AR-HUD is low-profile. There’s just a magnetic button on the surface of your goggle lens and the small controller pack. The controller pack is the most noticeable part of the whole setup, but it doubles as a conversation-starter on long lift rides. Because sometimes even the Millennium Falcon needs a ride, both the display and goggle strap clip are easily removed and packed for off-season storage or travel. They’ll pass through TSA screening easier than your laptop!

GogglePal is bringing futuristic technology to lenses everywhere; and you don’t have to break the bank or look like a Storm Trooper to join in the fun! Start tracking your mountain stats and join the GogglePal community.