Tell Your Mountain Story

Track, connect and share with the world’s first universally mountable augmented reality heads up display for skiers and snowboarders.

Your Reality, Your Vision

GogglePal enables you to add an augmented reality (AR) and real-time heads up display (HUD) to any pair of goggles. Simply attach the GogglePal to your lens, and you're ready to unlock a mountain of performance data. Whether you challenge yourself or your friends, GogglePal tells your mountain story with the information that matters the most.


See how your performance improves day after day with the stats collected automatically by your GogglePal. Use this information to help yourself improve, or challenge your friends to beat your scores.

  • Real Time Speed

    An unobtrusive dashboard shows your speed, helping you to stay in control.

  • Vertical Drop

    Retrace your run or entire day to see how many vertical feet you covered.

  • 9-Axis Motion Sensor

    A built-in gyroscope tracks how you move and spin, logging your data for accurate performance stats.




Staying connected on the slopes just got easier. Together, the GogglePal AR-HUD and GogglePal App allows you to keep in touch with friends.

  • Find Your Friends

    Friends can find each other on the digital trail map, making it easy to meet up on the slopes.


    Never miss important messages or calls from your ski buddies.


    GogglePal allows you to record, review, and share every vertical foot traveled, calories burned, and trails took.

1.23 Mi


Get fit and stay healthy all winter long with a little help from GogglePal. Personal fitness stats will show how you perform day after day, season after season, so you can reach the next level of skiing and snowboarding.

  • Calories Burned

    GogglePal counts the calories you burn so you can focus on having fun on the slopes.

  • Elapsed Time

    From first chair to last run, track the time you spend on the mountain… a day at a time and all season long.

  • Distance Traveled

    Watch as the trails you cover turn into miles, and compare with friends to see who really is king or queen of the mountain.



Other Features

Stay in the moment and enjoy the mountain. Your GogglePal is designed to be worry-free.

  • Long Battery Life

    With a powerful, long lasting battery, your GogglePal will capture every mountain moment, all day long.

  • Universal Mount

    Don't ditch your favorite goggles. GogglePal easily attaches to any goggle, even the pair you already own.

  • Safe and Secure

    The heads up display (HUD) is subtle, not distracting, and never gets in the way of your vision.

Learn More About Us

GogglePal was created by a team of skiers who also happen to be engineers. We wanted to bring another layer of fun to our days on the mountain by making it easier than ever to stay connected with friends, play games, and track our performance. With augmented reality, we can tell our mountain story without distracting from the moment. We hope you will, too.

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